Steve Jacob

Steve Jacob

Co Founder
Fabrik Blackpool
07940 427 578

Hi, I’m Steve Jacob and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself,
my team and welcome you to our property company Fabrik…

After spending most of my time after school in and out of labouring jobs,
working on sites run by the likes of Bovis Homes, Fairview, Countryside and David Wilson,
I was offered an opportunity to work in the city as a broker for an investment company.

I found myself thriving for success in a sales driven job. While working in the
city I was highly trained in sales and marketing and have a true understanding of how to give
clients what they want.

While training with my company I attended many personal development seminars
and seminars involving property, shares and selling. I was becoming increasingly frustrated
as I was not being promoted to the position I wanted. Therefore, I left and I was made sales
manager of my second employment in the city. I was always hitting extremely difficult targets
with my team and after being there for a number of months and being offered positions by the
likes of JP Morgan and Bar-Cap I decided to own my own business.

To date, I have taken my teams to millions of pounds worth of turnover.
Even then I still wasn’t happy as I wanted something more challenging and decided to find
something people driven but with a different approach. I found myself meeting one of the
other directors; Matthew Harper-penman and began to buy and develop properties in the north
of the country. I now have over 4 years worth of experience in property investment and have
attended a number of seminars about property.

Matthew also has full Tigrent training and with this, I am highly accepted by
my peers as a truly professional property investor. Even though I am keen property investor
I still take time to work with companies on their sales training and is known to be a
‘five star’motivational speaker.

When I am not working I am a fitness buff, attending the gym 5-6 times a week.
I encourage the teams that I train to attend training as well, and hold a class one day a month
with my personal trainer. I believe that simple boxing training can help to improve confidence,
self-discipline, and drive. When not working or in the gym I am more than likely at home with my
fiancée Holly, my son blake and my dog bentley, I am keen to have a larger family and more children
are planned. My hobbies include reading, educating myself, whether that be at seminars or workshops
and boxing training. I am a great believer in giving and give an estimated 5% of my wealth to charity.