Josh Trask

Josh Trask

Contracts Manager

Josh is Fabrik’s full time in house Contracts and Project Manager. He has 15 years build experience prior to working with Fabrik allowing him to talk in the same language as our contractors and can give fair judgment on work carried out. 

Josh provides protection for all parties inclusive of Fabrik, our clients and the contractor themselves. He administrates the development contract and is on site regularly making sure the build time schedule and quality of work is upheld. 

Josh is firm but fair in his approach and this allows him to achieve what he needs to, without falling into dispute. 

He is a star profile within the Wealth Dynamics profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, which means his strengths lay in the client facing parts of the business, which he is designated to.

Josh’s father is a large local house builder in the Fylde area and can be called upon as a consultant if any further construction advice is needed.