Alex Cheston

Alex Cheston

Management Partner

Alexandra is a minority share Partner in Fabrik Property Management Ltd. She holds a 5% shareholding, which gives her incentive to drive the company and grow it to increase the value of her stake. 

Alex is very detailed and disciplined in her approach and is militant with her team to keep a tight ship. She operates the team that manages the properties, so it is important that she is all over the detail to make sure nothing is missed.  

Alex is also in control of all management accounts and bookkeeping. Ensuring the senior management team receive up to date management stats to track the business and make important decisions to steer the business. 

Alexandra is a supporter/mechanic profile within the Wealth Dynamics profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, which means Alex’s strengths lay in supporting her team and also the detailed parts of the business, hence why she excels in the management partner role.