Our property sourcing team follow a top down approach of selecting areas that have the most favorable supply versus demand fundamentals.

The reason for that is because the areas with the highest demand and most limited supply will have the lowest vacancy rate and therefore have the greatest chance of increased rental growth.

Our Property Sourcing Principles
  • Source areas of supply shortage versus demand
  • Source properties close to transport links and local amenities
  • Source undervalued properties
  • Source areas with early stage regeneration
  • Source areas with reliable developers and quality builds
Don’t be afraid to invest in area’s that others wouldn’t…

Have you thought of buying an investment property in a certain area but didn’t because you thought it was too rough? Then regretted the decision because the area suddenly become desirable and the prices of those properties shot up? Clapham, Shoreditch and Brixton were once areas for the working classes and considered rough. These areas have all benefitted from regeneration investment and are now highly desirable and trendy, this is reflected in the incredible rise of property prices…

Fabrik Property Sourcing

Here at Fabrik, we place a great emphasis on property sourcing the highest quality projects in areas which have excellent fundamentals for capital growth. Inward investment and job creation are drivers of residential property demand. Areas where supply is lower than demand make the ideal buy-to-let investments.

Sourcing property is a time consuming activity that requires a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that the very best outcomes are achieved for our clients. Fabrik property sourcing team drive the length and breath of the country to visit each of the off-plan property developments or below market value (BMV) property purchases that we present to our clients.

Our clients include first time property investors that may need guidance in identifying the most suitable property to meet their investment objectives. An experienced investment consultant is assigned to each person who has made an enquiry.

If you are considering buying investment property, it starts with a conversation. If we understand what you are looking for we are in a better position to help you achieve your goals and save you time by recommending the most suitable property.


Don’t go it alone…

Property development is easy, simply purchase a run down property below market value, renovate, sell on for a profit or rent the property out, hey presto you are now a property developer…simple…or is it?

Well we can assure you that whilst the concept is relatively simple, execution is far more difficult, at Fabrik we have first hand experience and we can honestly say that we lost a lot of money on our early developments. It has taken a lot of time, effort and expense to get the formula right, now we can confidently say we can take on a project, deliver it on time and within budget 96% of the time. Yes you heard us right 96% percent of the time, from our experience there can always be that little surprise during a property development that even the most savvy of property developers can’t account for.

This is why we don’t like to see our clients ‘go it alone’ when it comes to property development, talk to our team and learn from our mistakes and not yours!

10 Worst mistakes made by amateur property developers

Buying in the wrong area

This is one of the most basic errors amateur developers make, most amateur developers think it’s easier to find an opportunity than it actually is, remember  you are in competition with professionals like Fabrik who spend 100% of their time hunting for profitable projects.

Understanding finance, don’t pay too much

Amateur developers are often tempted to borrow more than they can afford, driven by how much money they think they are going to make, warns Matt Harper-Penman co-founder of Fabrik. Always shop around for the best possible deal and be realistic about how much the whole renovation project is going to cost you and the time it is going to take.

Be careful not to get fleeced but the builder

Renovation of the property is only as good as your builder – so scope out their work first and get references from past clients. Before contracting them to do the work, make sure they’ve signed a price contract – without this it is easy to get ripped off if the build continues for longer than expected.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to quality

Yes, you can always buy cheaper, wether it is handmade tiles, oak floors or composite work surfaces, avoid this trap. As tempting it is to buy the cheapest of everything, potential buyers will notice immediately if you cut corners. Even if you have a limited budget, choose appliances, fixtures and fittings because you know they will last, not because they are cheap. Remember don’t scrimp on the exterior of the property as the majority of buyers will decide if they want the property before they’ve stepped through the front door.

Don’t over spec your renovation

Over specification can be equally as important as cutting corners. From our experience, buyers often get put off by lavish marble bathrooms with crystal taps and silk carpets. Keep your feet on the ground and go for a clean, fresh finish rather than anything too fancy.

Avoid getting too personal

Remember it is an investment and not your home, so avoid inflicting your personal taste on the renovation. Neutral does not mean boring,  aim to keep rooms as bright and light as possible, giving buyers a blank canvas on which to project their own ideas.

Be clever with space

Most amateur developers think, more bedrooms doesn’t necessarily mean higher profits. More often buyers want quality space rather than cramped living conditions – prioritise the key living areas rather than trying to squeeze in an irrelevant box room. First-time developers should focus on the layout of their project, ensuring that the rooms flow together and there is a balance of entertaining space, living space and bedrooms. If the space planning is poor even having a high-quality finish will not help you sell.

Be patient

So often amateur developers look to make a quick profit and commence work without proper plans ­ ­– or planning permission. The more attention that is paid at the planning stage the more efficient the project will run. Also ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork before works commence, avoid this and there can be complications when it comes to sell.

Be realistic with profit don’t get greedy

Your renovation is complete and the property looks a hundred times better, this doesn’t mean the property is worth a hundred times more. Being greedy can often cloud the opportunity of a good sale. An overpriced property will go stale on the market and savvy buyers will be aware of this and often leads to lower offers than you originally intended. Get the property valued by 3 different estate agents, the one with the price in the middle is often right!

Get the timing right for the best time to sell

Finances might be tight, or you are just excited to get your property on the market, get the timing right to get the best returns, in winter everyone is busy with Christmas and in summer they’re on holiday, spring and autumn consistently get the best returns.


Over the last few years, Britain’s buy to let market has shown continuous growth. With competition rising, many property investors are looking for ways to maintain a reasonable return on their investments.

With interest rates remaining low Savvy investors continue to look for higher yields rather than capital growth, with this in mind refurbishing your property can be an effective way of increasing rental rates as well as ensuring that your property remains tenanted.

At Fabrik our refurbishment team work hard to ensure that we achieve the right balance between the refurbishment cost and the ROI. All to often people over spec their refurbishment by thinking of the property as their own home, it is imperative to remember that it is an investment.

We only work with skilled craftsmen and attention to detail is everything, a well decorated property finished to a high standard doesn’t stay on the market for long, whether we are looking to rent it out or sell the property.


The Property Company that works harder after the deal is done.

At Fabrik we act in a way that demonstrates to our customers how and why we see things differently, so that they can see things differently too. Building relationships are the life blood of Fabrik, our after sales service team are always on hand for support and advice, no matter how trivia.

We have a vast array of clients from all over the globe including Switzerland, Portugal, Dubai and the Far East, our extensive local knowledge enables us to react to our clients needs swiftly and professionally, ensuring that no matter what issues arise our clients have piece of mind knowing Fabrik will get the job done.