Property Sourcing
Our property sourcing team follow a top down approach of selecting areas that have the most favorable supply versus demand fundamentals. The reason for that is because the areas with the highest demand and most limited supply will have the lowest vacancy rate and therefore have the greatest chance of increased rental growth.
Property development is easy, simply purchase a run down property below market value, renovate, sell on for a profit or rent the property out, hey presto you are now a property developer...simple...or is it?
After the building is complete, the interior design stage steps in. In our view, this is a part of the construction process not even a bit less important, than the principal construction work itself. The way the living or working space is designed and organized can lay a profound influence on the working or living routine, mood and feel. Our design solutions integrate all the nuances that an interior design must have! We converge the space planning, aesthetic design, easing-edge technologies, sustainability, energy efficiency, lighting, ergonomics, acoustics, brand integration, color, material and furniture. By blending these tools we're able to create healthy environments and enhance performance.
After Sales
At Fabrik we act in a way that demonstrates to our customers how and why we see things differently, so that they can see things differently too. Building relationships are the life blood of Fabrik, our after sales service team are always on hand for support and advice, no matter how trivia.