Property Sourcing

Property Sourcing

Our property sourcing team follow a top down approach of selecting areas that have the most favorable supply versus demand fundamentals.

The reason for that is because the areas with the highest demand and most limited supply will have the lowest vacancy rate and therefore have the greatest chance of increased rental growth.

Five Fundamentals of efficient property sourcing
  1. Source areas of supply shortage versus demand
  2. Source properties close to transport links and local amenities
  3. Source undervalued properties
  4. Source areas with early stage regeneration
  5. Source areas with reliable developers and quality builds
Don’t be afraid to invest in area’s that others wouldn’t…

Have you thought of buying an investment property in a certain area but didn’t because you thought it was too rough? Then regretted the decision because the area suddenly become desirable and the prices of those properties shot up. Clapham, Shoreditch and Brixton were once areas for the working classes and considered rough. These areas have all benefitted from regeneration investment and are now highly desirable and trendy, this is reflected in the incredible rise of property prices.


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